How to Handle the Harsh Reality of Owning an Online Business

There’s a little something in business called a Profit-&-Loss Statement.

Its basic purpose is to let you know whether you’re making or losing money in a given period of time.

Clearly, that’s a fairly important piece of data!

Online, people try to start businesses every day, but incredibly, they never check their P&L!

Maybe they’re just treating e-commerce like a hobby?

That’s a sure-fire way to get nowhere expensively.

If you’ve taken a run at online business, try this: Just from memory or whatever records you have, chart out all the products and software that you’ve purchased to start your home-based enterprise.

What’s the basic number? $500? $5,000? $50,000?

Trust me, no number you’ll throw out there would surprise me, and no number is a bad one.

Now, track your sales made from each purchase and determine the total earnings in your home-based business.

Are your profits far higher than your expenses? From the course or courses you paid to learn something, did you take action, quickly apply, and get multiple returns on profit?

Sadly for most people, they’re spending away on information and systems, and yet, they’re not earning any income at all.

Not a red cent!


If you’ve not started an online business but are thinking about it, let the thought of that exercise serve as a cautionary tale.

Here’s the problem with most information systems: They don’t teach you everything.

There’s always some missing piece.

In order to succeed online

  • You’ve got to master the economics of this business,
  • You’ve got to become proficient at creating traffic,
  • You’ve got to know how to get sales from that traffic, and
  • You’ve got to learn the subtleties about putting it all together.

I use one system that addresses all these issues in their entirety. I recommend it if you’re serious about success.

In fact, use this system, and if you don’t earn a commission in your first 30 days, the company will send you $500 for giving it an honest try.

And here’s the kicker, it’s virtually painless to try the system out! Just click here.

Owning an online business can be a fast-track to financial independence. It requires commitment, of course, but the lifestyle you’ll gain is well worth the dedication.

It’s a strong part of achieving the Dot Com lifestyle.


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