The Top Three Ways To Secure Your WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog or a website, you may be wondering how
am I supposed to keep it safe from hackers and from accidental changes
or deletions?

In addition to any kind of fancy modifications or security plugins,
there are a few easy steps you can take right now within the next few
minutes to make sure your WordPress website is secure.

The first thing you can do is only connect to WordPress on a secure
WiFi connection, only use trusted plugins, and keep WordPress up to

Do you know that when you connect to a website using unsecure WiFi,
which means airport WiFi, Starbuck’s WiFi, public WiFi, that anyone
can see your username and password. That means when you connect via
FTP or simply log into your WordPress dashboard anyone can see exactly
what your username and password is and join for themselves.

That’s why it’s very important to only connect to your WordPress site
and only connect to FTP if you have an SSL connection or you’re
connecting a cellular 3G network instead of WiFi. If you don’t know
what any of those things are, then simply make it a point to only
connect to your FTP website and WordPress from home instead of in

Next, only use plugins that you trust. Are you aware that any
WordPress plugin, if it so chooses, can have access to your entire
WordPress site? All of your users, all of your content, most of the
time, to every single file on your website.

That is the reason why it’s very important that you only use
WordPress plugins that you trust. Don’t go out and install 200, 300
plugins just because they all seem like they have cool features. If a
plugin is brand new, if no one seems to be using it, that is not a
good sign, and it may be a Trojan Horse kind of plugin where someone
had simply put it out onto the internet in the hopes that someone else
will install it on their website, and now you have given the hacker
complete access to your files and your content.

Finally, a very easy way to secure your WordPress blog is to keep
WordPress up to date. People find security holes all the time, and
WordPress is quick to fix those holes, but it does you no good unless
you update your blog to the current version which is safeguarded
against most attacks.

Luckily the most current versions of WordPress have a single button
you can click to update it, which means it downloads and installs the
most recent version so you are now protected.

Backup your blog quickly and easily at

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